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The battery for your Powersports vehicle has to withstand rugged terrain and tough use. Superior shock absorption, vibration resistance, and corrosion resistance are critical components of a good Powersports battery. AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries are excellent for Powersports since they have a solid electrolyte, making them spill-proof and low-maintenance.

Featuring Motocross™ Batteries

Yuasa Powersports

The Motocross™ series, from Yuasa Powersports, offers quality performance for various motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, scooters, and more.

These AGM batteries are spill-proof. By using a valve-regulated design, they also eliminate water loss and don't need to be refilled. With no liquid to slosh around in the battery, they stand up better to impact and severe vibration. Yuasa batteries are also heat-sealed to further protect against leakage and corrosion and provide additional strength.

Yuasa Motocross Battery

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Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa Powersports batteries offer quality performance for a variety of motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, scooters, and more.

Motocross™ Batteries

High performance AGM Powersports batteries provide reliability throughout the seasons.

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